Thomas Westbrook

Personal History
Thomas Westbrook is the founder of Holy Koolaid LLC – a pro-science/anti-cult organization with a regular YouTube show. He’s a world traveler & autodidact who grew up in a former Soviet, Muslim county and speaks 3 languages fluently. He graduated with honors from Texas A&M with a double major in International Studies and Russian and with a Political Science concentration. He worked in IT for 5 years as a security administrator & web developer while simultaneously working on his own tech startup ideas before becoming a full-time media producer, science communicator, and secular activist. He’s an international public speaker and is a former board member of the Atheist Community of Tulsa.

Atheist/Skeptic/Free Thought background
As a former missionary kid, youth pastor, church camp counselor, and worship leader, Thomas was a closeted atheist for two years before founding Holy Koolaid in 2015 out of frustration over the negative stigma displayed towards atheists. It was Thomas’ way of normalizing atheism while fighting against cult-like manipulation tactics that stymie curiosity, growth, and exploration. At Holy Koolaid, curiosity is king and no idea is sacred because truth withstands scrutiny. Thomas has brutally gone after everyone from fundamentalist preachers and cult leaders, to psychic vultures preying on the vulnerable, to pseudoscience-peddling snake oil salesmen hawking their wares to desperate cancer patients. In addition to garnering over 100,000 subscribers and 10 million views on Holy Koolaid, Thomas has had multiple TV and Radio interviews and has made dozens of media appearances on other channels, podcasts, and blogs and even brought together an entire community of atheist/skeptic YouTubers to encourage mentoring/collaboration.