Anthony Magnabosco

Anthony Magnabosco


Personal History

Anthony Magnabosco lives in San Antonio, Texas, is happily married with two kids. He is a stay-at-home dad with a bit of time on his hands, which he dedicates to normalizing atheism and promoting critical thinking.

Atheist/Skeptic/Free Thought Background

Anthony enjoys studying, practicing, teaching, and promoting Street Epistemology, which is an alternate approach to providing counter-apologetics when discussing religious claims with God believers. Anthony has a YouTube channel with hundreds of video encounters where he respectfully investigates the reliability of the foundation people used to form their beliefs. His work has appeared on The Atheist Experience, The Thinking Atheist, The Friendly Atheist Podcast and Blog, Cognitive Dissonance, The David Pakman Show, and numerous other websites, blogs, podcasts, and social media accounts. Anthony has presented Street Epistemology and conducted hands-on workshops at several atheist, skeptic, and secular events, and will be speaking at NaNoCon and American Atheists Convention in the first quarter of 2018. He is very active on social media, including Twitter (@magnabosco), Facebook (magnabosco210), and YouTube (magnabosco210). If you have ever wanted a more effective way to engage with God believers to help them reflect on their belief-formation process, get to know Anthony Magnabosco’s content as soon as you are able!