Jeremiah Jennings

Jeremiah Jennings runs the YouTube channel “Prophet of Zod,” which focuses mostly on the inconsistencies of fundamentalist Christianity. He’s best known for his biting satire, his analysis of Bible passages, and his detailed breakdowns of apologetics arguments. Having been raised as a fundamentalist Pentecostal, he spent Sunday through Friday in the same church and Christian school. His first exposure to secular ideas was in college, where he quickly found many reasons to doubt his faith. Like too many Christians, he struggled against his doubts and did his best to immerse himself in Christianity – leading church groups, dabbling in apologetics, and briefly running a Christian school. Deep down, however, he knew he was shoving doubts about Christianity to the back of his mind, and his struggle to keep them there would later give him most of his insights into how a fundamentalist mind works.

He started his channel in 2016, two years after finally “coming out” to his brother, who introduced him to YouTube atheist activism. He’s since developed a variety of formats: Along with his typical cartoons and camera-facing presentations, he uses “Remedial Bible Lessons” to show how the Bible doesn’t meet Christian expectations and mocks the worst apologetic arguments with his “Prophet of Zod Explains Things to Babies” series. He’s a part-time YouTuber who frantically produces videos during any free moment that he’s not at work or spending time with family. His goal is to encourage a sense of community among nonbelievers and do his part to add to the atheist vocabulary – along with, hopefully, planting seeds of doubt in Christians’ minds. Ultimately, he hopes to see atheism become so normalized that it’s no longer a word.